About The Club

A Father + Son Story

The OMG Running Club was founded in Springfield Missouri in 2022 by Adam and Sam Stoddard, Father and Son. The two have been running ultramarathons around the country, and overseas, since 2015. Sam got his start pacing Adam on ultras, but soon got hooked on the insanity of trail running and has been at it ever since.

The duo shares a dream to cultivate the sort of trail-running community in Southwest Missouri that exists in places like Arizona, Colorado, California, and other states.

In the future, the dream is to expand the club into race hosting and becoming a dependable member of the conservation and outdoor community.

Adam Stoddard


Ultra Runner

UESCA Certified Ultra Running Coach

Sam Stoddard


Ultra Runner

Cross Country Coach

UESCA Certified Ultra Running Coach (In Progress)

Instagram: mid_packman